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Industries S.p.A. (hereinafter “MONCLER”) has created this Cookie Policy in order to provide the user the information about cookies used by (the “Site”) and to describe the reasons and conditions of their use. For further information about the processing of Personal Data carried out by MONCLER through the Site, please refer to the Privacy Policy available at [•].


Cookies are small files sent by the user-visited websites and stored on the device used to access such sites (e.g. computers, smartphones, tablets, and any other device used to access sites). Cookies can be permanently stored on the user’s device and have a variable lifespan (so-called persistent cookies), but they can also disappear with the browser’s closure or have a limited duration (so-called session cookies). Cookies can be installed from the site that the user is visiting (so-called first-party cookies) or can be installed from other websites (so-called third-party cookies). Cookies are used for different purposes: running informatics authentications, sessions monitoring, storing information about specific configurations related to users who access the server, and so on.


The chart below provides a description of each type of cookie indicated by the Italian Data Protection Authority in Order no. 229 of 8 May 2014 (“Identification of the simplified procedures for providing information and getting consent for the use of cookies”).



There are various types of cookies on the Site. Some are needed to navigate, others have different purposes such as performing statistical analysis or creating a registered user profile in order to provide advertisements in line with his/her interests. The Site uses cookies that do not have the ability to launch programs on the user’s devices or to send viruses on them and that do not allow any type of control on his/her devices.


On the Site you can also find social buttons/widgets, that is, the particular “buttons” depicting social networks’ icons like Facebook and Google+. These buttons allow users who are visiting the Site to reach and interact with a “click” directly with social networks.


The Site may also use first and third-party profiling cookies.
As stated above, while first-party cookies are set up and managed by MONCLER, third-party cookies are not inserted or read by MONCLER but only by the third party who may use the information collected for his/her own purposes. MONCLER has limited knowledge and control over these cookies, collected data, and the purposes for which they are used. Therefore, it is suggested to view the privacy and cookie policies of each third party.


The following chart lists first-party cookies and third-party cookies used on the Site, indicating type, name, function and duration as well as a link to third party privacy policies.



It is possible to decide whether or not to accept cookies by modifying your browser’s security settings


Internet Explorer:


For further information about behavioral advertising based on profiling cookies and easily oppose the installation of the main profiling cookies installed by advertisers and used on sites, please visit Once on the Site, by accessing the area “Your Choices” the user will be able to visualize the list of third party companies which install cookies on our Site (“Companies”); verify the presence and activation status of installed cookie (“Status”) and manage the consent selectively (“On/Off”). By expanding the dedicated voice (“Info”) for each company, the user can access more information relative to the company and, via a link, reach the specific information about privacy and cookies.


The use of Cookies on the Site and this Cookie Policy may be subject to amendments or updates at any time. In such a case, MONCLER will publish a notice on the Site’s homepage. However, please check the Cookies Policy and the Privacy Policy periodically to be informed about any changes.

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